Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Frequently asked questions about Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Can I download a guide to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park?

Yes – our PDF visitor guide provides an in-depth introduction to the culture, landscapes and things to do in the park. We also have a couple of smartphone apps to enhance your visit.

How much does it cost to get into Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park?

We offer a variety of park pass options including family passes, annual passes for frequent visitors and vehicle passes for NT residents.

Visit our park passes page for more information.

Can I buy a pass before I arrive?

Yes! We recommend purchasing your pass online and printing it out or downloading it to your phone. When you get to the park, use the pre-paid lane to scan your pass for quick and easy entry.

Visit our park passes page for more information.

Where does the money from my park pass go?

100% of revenue from park passes is invested back into the park.

This helps to maintain the visitor services and facilities you enjoy, preserve our World Heritage-listed landscapes and cultural sites, and support traditional owners.

Learn more about where your money goes.

When is the best time to visit Uluru-Kata Tjuta?

The national park is open all year round, but the weather is coolest between May and September.

More about when to come

What time is sunrise and sunset?

You can see sunrise and sunset times for the next few months on the Ayers Rock Resort website.

Do I need a 4WD to visit the park?

All of the roads in the national park are fully paved and can be driven in a standard two-wheel-drive vehicle.

The road from Alice Springs to Uluru-Kata Tjuta is also fully paved. However, a 4WD is recommended if you are driving to the park from Western Australia.

How do I book accommodation?

Most accommodation near the park (including the campground) is managed by Ayers Rock Resort and can be booked via their website.

Can I camp in the park?

Camping is not permitted inside the park. There is a campground at Ayers Rock Resort and another one at Curtin Springs, about 100 km from the park.

Is Ayers Rock Resort inside the national park?

Ayers Rock Resort is located outside the park, about a 10-minute drive from the entry station.

The resort is operated by Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia and is not managed by the national park or Parks Australia.

Can I bring my dog into the park?

Unfortunately dogs are not permitted in any Commonwealth national parks, including Uluru-Kata Tjuta.

Guide dogs, hearing dogs and other assistance dogs are allowed in the park but must be kept on a leash no longer than three metres. Please bring the appropriate documentation and let staff at the entry station know if you are bringing an assistance dog into the park.

Dogs are allowed at the Ayers Rock Campground in Yulara.

Can I fly my drone in the park?

For a variety of reasons, remote controlled devices – including planes and drones – are not allowed in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Operating a drone is an offence under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act unless authorised by a permit. Penalties apply for unauthorised use.

Can I swim in the waterholes?

Swimming in waterholes in the park is not permitted. Ayers Rock Resort has plenty of fantastic pool options.

Is Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park suitable for children?

The park is great for children. There are a number of shorter walks and plenty of fascinating things to see and do.

Young visitors particularly enjoy our interactive activities such as Maruku Arts’ traditional dot-painting workshops.

Please contact the Cultural Centre on 08 8956 1128 for advice on visiting the park with children.

Can I get help with my itinerary?

We love helping people plan their visit. We’ve put together some suggested itineraries to ensure you make the most of your time in the park.

If you need advice on any part of your trip to Uluru-Kata Tjuta, please call our friendly staff at the Cultural Centre on 08 8956 1128.

Do I need a permit for any activities?

If you’re planning on filming in the park or taking photos for a commercial purpose (e.g. to sell or to promote your business) you’ll need a photography permit.

If you are conducting research in the park, you’ll need a research permit.

Permit applications and media and photography guidelines are available on the Department of the Environment and Energy website.

Can I use the Great Central Road to travel to or from the park?

The Great Central Road, which runs from Laverton in Western Australia all the way to Yulara, is a fantastic way to drive to the park in a 4WD.

Because this route passes through Aboriginal land, you need to obtain the relevant permits from the Central Land Council. You will need to show your permit at the Uluru-Kata Tjuta entry station for access to the park.

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How can I work or volunteer at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park?

See our work with us page for details

Can I use an image from your website?

Not without permission from the copyright owner. Please contact our media team for assistance.

I’d like to write a story about the park. How do I contact your media team?

See our media enquiries page for details.