Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Anangu suggest you make the Tjukurpa Tunnel at the Cultural Centre your very first experience of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Here you will learn about Tjukurpa (the foundation of Anangu culture) and many important creation stories of Uluru.

“Nganana malikitja Tjutaku mukuringanyi nganampa ngura nintiringkunytjaku munu Anangu kulintjaku.”

“We want all our visitors to learn about our place and to listen to us Anangu.”

— Tony Tjamiwa

As you approach the entrance to the Tjukurpa Tunnel, you will be surrounded by the sound of the winds created by Uluru and haunting voices chanting inma (ceremonial songs).

Entering the tunnel transports you back to the beginning of time. It features Anangu art, historical documentaries, and explanations of Anangu law, traditions and appropriate behaviour.

For cultural reasons, no photography is allowed in the Tjukurpa Tunnel.

The Tjukurpa Tunnel is a self-guided experience. Keep quiet and take your time to understand the depth and breadth of the lessons taught here.