Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

For many generations, this cave was used by Anangu Elders to teach bush boys how to travel in this Country and survive.

When the Mala ancestors arrived at Uluru, nyiinka (bush boys) camped here. A nyiinka is a boy at the stage of life where he is ready to become a wati (man). Nyiinka were taught by their grandfathers and separated from the rest of their family for this period. Traditionally this stage could last for several years until the boy proved his hunting skills, self-reliance and discipline.

Generations of grandfathers painted the pictures in this cave to teach nyiinka how to track and hunt kuka (food animals).

Nyiinka would then be taken into the bush to learn about Country: where the waterholes are, where to find animals and where to source materials for tools and weapons.

You can visit Kulpi Nyiinkaku on the Mala walk.

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