Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Walking into Walpa Gorge is like entering an ancient temple crafted by nature.

This area is a desert refuge for plants and animals. The entrance of the gorge is decorated with clusters of pink daisies in the late winter. Inside, the rocky track gently rises to a seasonal stream, passing rare plants and ending at a grove of spearwood.

Walpa Gorge is also one of the few places in Kata Tjuta where you might see kanyaḻa, or common wallaroo (Osphranter robustus) hopping around the domes.

Walk within the sheer walls and experience this amazing landscape.

Showing respect

Kata Tjuta is sacred to Anangu men.

Our people have always shown respect when visiting this special place. They would camp a short distance away and walk in quietly. They would not swim in the waterholes.

Women entered this area to collect food and water but always behaved appropriately.

It is the same now. It is the same for you.

Hold in your heart the knowledge that this is a special place.

Walk quietly, tread lightly. Stay on the track.

Enjoy this place as it is.

Beat the crowds:

At the end of the day, many people head to the Kata Tjuta sunset viewing area, leaving the benches along Walpa Gorge mostly empty.

Take a seat and enjoy the changing colours on the surface of the gorge as the sun sinks behind the valleys and the distant horizon.


We ask that all visitors remain on marked tracks and paths. Please do not climb up onto boulders or down into gullies.

Tips for photographers

Kata Tjuta is a highly culturally sensitive area. To avoid revealing any sacred places, Anangu ask that you keep both sides of the gorge in frame when you film, paint, draw or photograph Walpa Gorge.

By respecting these wishes, you will be contributing to the protection and continuation of some of the world’s oldest spiritual and cultural beliefs.

If you are taking photographs or filming for commercial or public purposes, you will require a media permit.


Map showing the Walpa Gorge walk

Site accessibility

  • Tick icon Open today
  • Cross icon No wheelchair access


  • Tick icon Water
  • Cross icon No toilets

Type of walk

Return track

Walk grade


Walk distance

2.6 km

Time required

1 hour


Kata Tjuta