Christmas Island National Park

A mouthwatering array of restaurants, pubs and cafes showcase Christmas Island’s cultural mix.

From freshly caught seafood to hawker-style Malaysian cuisine, there’s no shortage of delicious dishes to try during your stay.

Due to the high cost of transporting food to Christmas Island, you might find that eating out is a bit more expensive than at home. Luckily, the island’s duty-free status means the drinks are likely to be significantly cheaper!

Trading hours vary, and some eateries may be partly or completely closed during Ramadan or Chinese New Year.

Self catering

Cooking for yourself is a great option when visiting the island. You can pick up supplies at local supermarkets, although some things are more expensive than on the Australian mainland.

Most lodges and holiday homes have a private or shared kitchen. There are also several picnic and barbecue areas around the island where you can cook or take a hamper.