Christmas Island National Park

How to stay connected during your visit to Christmas Island.


A Telstra 2G GSM mobile phone service operates in the populated areas of the island. However, there is currently no mobile data service, and reception is patchy or non-existent in most of the national park.

Telstra SIM cards can be bought at several shops on the island, including the Christmas Island Post Office.

Global roaming for phone and text messages is available for carriers that have roaming agreements in place with Telstra – check with your provider for details. Public phones are also available at various locations around the island.


Internet access on Christmas Island is provided by satellite. There is currently no internet available via the mobile phone network.

There is an internet cafe at the Visitor Information Centre, or you can pick up a prepaid voucher for the wifi hotspots located in township areas.

Many hotels and self-contained units also offer internet access to guests.

We recommend downloading visitor guides onto your mobile device before arriving on Christmas Island.