Christmas Island National Park

Christmas Island is one of Australia’s best birdwatching destinations.

The island’s many endemic species and proximity to South-east Asia mean you’ll spot a very different range of birds compared to the mainland.

Birds can be seen and heard all over the island at any time of day, and most will let you get quite close to observe them. And with two-thirds of the island now a national park, these birds always have a safe place to thrive and raise their chicks.

An internationally renowned seabird rookery, Christmas Island attracts about 80,000 nesting seabirds every year. These include the world’s rarest booby and frigatebird.

Our land birds are worthy of a place on your birding bucket list as well. The island’s unique rainforest environment supports several endemic species, including the rare Christmas Island hawk-owl.

Every September the island hosts Bird ‘n’ Nature Week, a whole week dedicated to birdwatching activities.

Download the Christmas Island Birds app before you arrive to give yourself the best chance of spotting our rare and endangered bird species.