Christmas Island National Park

The Abbott’s booby was once found throughout the Pacific and Indian oceans. Now Christmas Island is its only nesting habitat.

This large seabird has a white body with black upper wings and tail. Adults can grow to 80 cm or more with a wingspan of about 2 m.

Perfectly adapted for long-range flight, Abbott’s boobies spend most of their life at sea hunting for fish and squid.

They return to Christmas Island to nest in the tall rainforest trees of the high plateau, the last nesting habitat on the planet for this threatened species. The island supports approximately 3,000 breeding pairs.

The breeding cycle takes 15-18 months, with each pair laying only a single egg. Chicks can be seen in nests all year round on Christmas Island.

Where to see them

Look for Abbott’s boobies nesting in tall trees, particularly in the Dales or along North-West Point Road. They can also be seen in flight late in the afternoon.

Scientific name

Papasula abbotti