Parks Australia

Friday 10 December 2021

A needs analysis and feasibility study funded as part of the Ghost Nets Initiative is now complete.

Authored by TierraMar and the UNSW Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology, the study outlines a broad range of opportunities for achieving positive impacts in the fight against ghost nets and marine debris in northern Australia. Opportunities are regionally focused to the Gulf of Carpentaria to address the distinctive challenges faced in this location.

The Ghost Nets Initiative is looking at opportunities to invest in innovative technology and solutions highlighted in this study. Such investments will boost capacity for detection, collection, transport and responsible disposal of ghost nets and other plastic waste in northern Australia.

We are excited to have completed this first step in the action against ghost nets and look forward to implementing some of the highlighted solutions as the Ghost Nets Initiative progresses.

Thank you to all the individuals and organisations that participated in interviews and workshops to inform the study. Opportunities for further involvement in the Ghost Nets Initiative will be announced over the coming months.

Read the report: Ghost Nets Needs Analysis and Feasibility Study for Northern Australia