Australian Marine Parks

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There are 13 Australian Marine Parks off the north-west coast of Western Australia that make up the North-west Network.

Covering 335,341 square kilometres, marine parks in the north-west include coral reefs, soft sediments, canyons and limestone pavements.

Wildlife found here include dugongs and species of:

  • seabird
  • shark
  • whale
  • dolphin
  • marine turtle.

Locals and visitors have the chance to experience such wildlife in unique places, including:

  • offshore reefs
  • islands
  • cays.

The iconic whale shark is found at Ningaloo, and every year humpback whales migrate through the region to and from their breeding grounds off the Kimberley coast.

North-west Marine Parks Network Management Plan

A management plan for the North-west Marine Parks Network came into operation on 1 July 2018. See the:

Regional Engagement

The implementation of the North-west Marine Parks Network Management Plan is supported by the North-west Marine Parks Advisory Committee.