Australian Marine Parks

There are 13 Australian Marine Parks off the coast of Western Australia.

Covering 335,341 square kilometres, marine parks in the north-west include coral reefs, soft sediments, canyons and limestone pavements.

Seabirds, sharks, whales, dolphins, marine turtles and dugong are found here. This gives locals and visitors alike the chance to experience wildlife like no other around offshore reefs, islands, cays and in deeper waters.

The iconic whale shark is found at Ningaloo, and every year humpback whales migrate through the region to and from their breeding grounds off the Kimberley coast.

Marine parks in the North-west Network

  • Kimberley Marine Park
  • Dampier Marine Park
  • Cartier Island Marine Park
  • Montebello Marine Park
  • Ashmore Reef Marine Park
  • Gascoyne Marine Park
  • Mermaid Reef Marine Park
  • Ningaloo Marine Park
  • Argo–Rowley Terrace Marine Park
  • Carnarvon Canyon Marine Park
  • Roebuck Marine Park
  • Shark Bay Marine Park
  • Eighty Mile Beach Marine Park.

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