Australian Marine Parks

Click on the map below to navigate the South-east Marine Parks Network.

There are 14 Australian Marine Parks off the coast of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, covering 388,464 square kilometres. Together they make up the South-east Network.

In these parks off Australia’s South-east coast, migratory whales journey to and from Antarctica twice a year, providing one of the best opportunities to spot these popular marine mammals.

Iconic species such as southern bluefin tuna and blue whales roam here.

In the deep sea, there’s a diverse range of fishes and other creatures, such as crabs, coral, sea urchins and sponges that have bizarre and fascinating adaptations to survive in their deep, dark homes.

Marine parks in the South-east Network

South-east Marine Parks Network Management Plan

A management plan for the South-east Marine Parks Network came into operation on 1 July 2013.

South-east Stakeholder Forum

The South-east Stakeholder Forum is changing.

Following the introduction of the new management plans for each of the five marine park networks in July 2018, Parks Australia is establishing Australian Marine Park advisory committees to guide and advise on the management of these parks.

Parks Australia has decided to take this opportunity to align the current South-east Stakeholder Forum with this new structure. This means that the forum will soon become the South-east Advisory Committee.