Australian Marine Parks

There are 14 Australian Marine Parks off the coast of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, covering 388,464 square kilometres.

Managing these parks

A management plan is already in place for the South-east.

In these parks, off Australia’s South-east coast, migratory whales journey to and from Antarctica twice a year, providing one of the best opportunities to spot these popular marine mammals.

Iconic species such as southern bluefin tuna and blue whales roam here. In the deep sea, there’s a diverse range of fishes and other creatures, such as crabs, coral, sea urchins and sponges that have bizarre and fascinating adaptations to survive in their deep, dark homes.

Marine parks in the South-east Network

  • Apollo Marine Park
  • Beagle Marine Park
  • Boags Marine Park
  • East Gippsland Marine Park
  • Flinders Marine Park
  • Franklin Marine Park
  • Freycinet Marine Park
  • Huon Marine Park
  • Macquarie Island Marine Park
  • Murray Marine Park
  • Nelson Marine Park
  • South Tasman Rise Marine Park
  • Tasman Fracture Marine Park
  • Zeehan Marine Park.

Discover all you need to know about management of the South-east Network here