Australian Marine Parks

There are eight Australian Marine Parks off the coast of the Northern Territory and Queensland.

These marine parks cover 157,480 square kilometres. The region has shallow-water tropical marine ecosystems and a large area of continental shelf.

Coral, invertebrates, and phytoplankton are all highly diverse, and fish such as snapper, emperor and grouper are common higher order predators of coral and rocky reef habitats.

The region supports dugong, seabirds and dolphins. Sawfish, seasakes, saltwater crocodiles, seahorse and pipefish are also at home here.

This is a fantastic place to fish, snorkel, dive or go boating, with plenty to do for visitors.

Marine parks in the North Network

  • West Cape York Marine Park
  • Arnhem Marine Park
  • Gulf of Carpentaria Marine Park
  • Arafura Marine Park
  • Limmen Marine Park
  • Oceanic Shoals Marine Park
  • Wessel Marine Park
  • Joseph Bonaparte Gulf Marine Park.

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