Booderee National Park

Line fishing is popular in Booderee National Park waters.

There are many species to look out for and perhaps catch for a barbecue dinner, including Australian salmon, flathead, groper, mackerel.

As Booderee is a national park some restrictions apply. All aquatic invertebrates and species on rock platforms are protected, so please bring bait with you. You will also need a NSW fishing license.

Find out more about licenses and size and bag limits

Spear fishing is prohibited and spears or spear guns are not allowed in the park.

Booderee National Park now has a brand new wharf at Murray’s Beach. The park has invested nearly $750,000 to design and construct the wharf, which provides safer and improved access to the waters off Booderee. The new wharf offers increased tie-up space to accommodate more boats than before.

Please be aware that this area can be exposed and more difficult to use in strong westerly winds. Please check weather forecasts carefully before launching your vessel for the day.

Visit our corporate site for more information about where you can moor at Booderee.

Zoning map

The NSW Department of Primary Industries has produced a map showing the different zones of the Jervis Bay Marine Park and Booderee National Park Waters as well as the activities allowed in each.

Download the map as a PDF or pick up a copy at the Booderee Visitor Centre.

You can also download the FishSmart app for more details on the protected areas of Jervis Bay and allowable activities in those areas.