Booderee National Park

We want you to have a fantastic visit to Booderee National Park that’s memorable for all the right reasons. Here are our tips to help you stay safe, particularly near waterways!

Please read our safety information

Relax at Steamers Beach, Booderee National Park

If you want a more challenging walk with some of the park’s most rewarding scenery, head to Steamers Beach. Learn more about Steamers Beach by downloading our podcast here.

While it offers fantastic views, we don’t recommend swimming at Steamers Beach as there are severe tows and large sharks around.

However, if you take the headland walking trail you can swim at some of the smaller, safer and more sheltered beaches along the way. Try Kittys Beach or Whiting Beach.

Steamers Beach car park to Steamers Beach

Relax at Steamers Beach, Booderee National Park

This is a magnificent isolated beach flanked by high cliffs and backed by steep sand dunes. The dunes are an unusual colour for Booderee and are thought to have been dumped there by a tsunami.

From Steamers Beach car park the trail takes you through tall eucalypt forest and tea tree towards the coast. It finishes with a steep flight of stairs.

2.3 km one way, 1 hour, moderate to difficult

Headland walking trails

Whiting beach in Booderee National Park is stunning

These trails offer a full day exploring the St Georges Headland.

You can take the Circuit Trail from Steamers Beach car park (11.4 km loop) or extend your walk with the many smaller marked trails along the way.

Allow approximately 4 hours to visit all the main visitor sites along the trail.

Walk to Brooks Lookout for expansive views of the coastline. If you follow the Circuit Trail southwest and take the short trails to St Georges Head, Corangamite and Kittys Point you will arrive at rocky cliffs and outcrops emerging from the ocean.

The Circuit Trail continues with short trails to beautiful spots such as Kittys Beach, Blacks Harbour and Whiting Beach. Follow the Circuit Trail back to the car park via Blacks Waterhole.

Remember to bring plenty of water and food and always stay on the marked tracks.

Steamers Beach to Brooks Lookout: 1.4 km, 30 minutes

Brooks Lookout to St Georges Head: 4.9 km, 2.5 hours

St Georges Head to Blacks Waterhole: 4.1 km, 2 hours

Blacks Waterhole to Steamers Beach car park: 3 km, 1.5 hours