Christmas Island National Park

Walk through towering rainforest and watch seawater rocketing high into the air.

The 4WD track to the Blowholes passes through lush forest where you can usually see red crabs. From the parking area, continue past a magnificent strangler fig to the clifftop, where an elevated walkway offers a front-row seat to this dramatic meeting of sea and land.

When the swell is up, the power of waves crashing against the cliffs forces huge volumes of water through the rock and into the air. The noise is tremendous, and being underneath the spray is a great way to cool off on a hot day.

alt text The Blowholes in full spray. Photo: Chris Bray

Even if the Blowholes aren’t spraying, the raised platforms provide fantastic views along the southern coastline.

The Blowholes are even more spectacular during the red crab migration, when thousands of crabs scramble over the jagged rocks as water crashes around them.

Red crabs on rocks at the Blowholes Red crabs at the Blowholes. Photo: Christmas Island Tourism Association


Vehicle track closures during red crab migration

Vehicle tracks to the Dales and Blowholes may be closed during the red crab migration and return of juvenile red crabs.

During these periods, the tracks will be closed until 10.30 am every day (the time of peak crab activity).

Rangers will check each track between 10.30 am and 11.00 am to determine if it can be opened to vehicles.

If the track can be opened, it will remain open until 3.30 pm, by which time all vehicles must be out of the area. If the track cannot be opened, it will remain closed until the following morning’s check.

Vehicle needed

4WD essential

Type of walk

One way track

Walk grade