Christmas Island National Park

An easy walk through internationally significant wetlands to a peaceful jungle waterfall.

The Dales area is a Christmas Island icon. One of the only places on the island with flowing water all year round, these rainforested wetlands are home to mighty Tahitian chestnut trees, blue crabs and an array of rare and endemic species.

The Hughs Dale track is a raised boardwalk that leads to a permanent waterfall in the rainforest. There are seats and viewing areas along the trail as well as signs providing more information about the area’s plants and animals.

The waterfall is an important cultural site for local Chinese Buddhists, who regularly conduct ceremonies here.


Hughs Dale Waterfall

The track to Hughs Dale Waterfall is open, however access to walk under the waterfall is closed due to ongoing risk of rocks falling following a geotechnical survey. Your safety is our top priority, and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Vehicle track closures during red crab migration

Vehicle tracks to the Dales and Blowholes may be closed during the red crab migration and return of juvenile red crabs.

During these periods, the tracks will be closed until 10.30 am every day (the time of peak crab activity).

Rangers will check each track between 10.30 am and 11.00 am to determine if it can be opened to vehicles.

If the track can be opened, it will remain open until 3.30 pm, by which time all vehicles must be out of the area. If the track cannot be opened, it will remain closed until the following morning’s check.

Vehicle needed

4WD essential

Type of walk

One way track

Walk grade


Walking distance

0.75 km

Walking time (approx.)

30 minutes