Booderee National Park

Important COVID-19 update

Booderee National Park has a number of COVID-19 safety measures in place to protect visitors, staff and the local community.

For further information on Booderee National Park’s COVID-19 safety measures please refer to the COVID-19 safety webpage and check the entry requirements before visiting Booderee National Park.

Kangaroo tail

Kangaroo tail (Xanthorrhoea australis) is a classic native Australian grass tree you’ll see at Booderee. Take a walk on the Munyunga waraga dhugan loop walk in spring to see these flowing beauties.

The kangaroo tail flowers sporadically, with small white flowers appearing on a tall spike protruding from the centre of the plant. The trunk of this plant can grow up to several metres tall, making it easy to spot in a sea of lush greenery.

Some grass trees in Australia are estimated to be 350 to 450 years old – they’ve seen more parts of history than we can even imagine!