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Our Thursday lunchtime talks cover diverse aspects of the natural world in Australia and around the globe.

The talks are aimed at a  general audience and everyone is welcome.

12.30 pm on Thursdays from February through November

Please direct queries about the talks to the Thursday Talks Team

To assist in maintaining COVID-19 guidelines, bookings are essential.

The booking link for each talk is on the Friends calendar website entry for the respective talk. Bookings available from the Friday before the talk until Wednesday night before the talk.


18  August | Some Persian Gardens of Iran’ response to fire 

Dr Rosemary Purdie

In this talk Rosemary, Honorary Living Collections Botanist ANBG, will briefly explore history and features of Persian Garden concept, then walk us through four World Heritage listed gardens in Iran.

25 August | What makes plants rare?

Meena Sritheran 

Meena is looking at how fire, soil properties and plant interactions may play a role in driving the rarity of species, and how this knowledge would aid conservation management of rare species and ecosystems.

22 September  | No Thursday talk


29 September | What you never knew about poo!

Professor Simon Haberle 

Simon, from ANU, will tell a fascinating story of tiny fungi that live on dung and what they tell us about giant animals that roamed the earth

6 October | Little Eagle

Stuart Rae 

The Little Eagle Research Group has amassed a wealth of data on the breeding ecology and range of the eagle, and a botanical perspective helps explain the bird’s distribution. 

13 October | Exploring Wellbeing through Nature

Sally Holliday 

Sally, from Landcare ACT, will explore the art of nature-connection and the myriad ways this intentional practice enhances wellbeing.  

20 October | Some insights to the Australian National Botanic Gardens

Dr Judy West

Judy, Executive Director, will give some insights to the ANBG and its key roles, nationally and internationally, in conservation of flora. 

27 October  | Eyebrights at risk of climate change?

Alex McLachlan 

Alex will present results from his research project on alpine and sub-alpine eyebrights (Euphrasia). He is improving understanding of their dormancy, germination, and what effect climate change might have on these regeneration processes.   

3 November | The rise of mega forest fires under climate change and what to do about it

Dr Pep Canadell

Pep, a Chief Research Scientist at CSIRO and Director of the Global Carbon Project, will discuss recent trend analyses on fire activity in Australian forests and their close links to human-caused climate change, along with limited options to reduce the rising impacts of wildfires. 

10 November  | Botanical Art and Botany, the work of Wendy and Bill Cooper

Frank Zich 

William T. Cooper one of Australia’s most talented botanical and bird artists. Wendy Cooper is a renowned botanist and taxonomist. I will discuss aspects and examples of their works of great artistic beauty and scientific merit.  

17 November  | Fuel flammability and past fires?

Margot Schneider 

Margot, 2020 winner of National Parks Australia ACT scholarship, will talk on the effect of past fire on fuel flammability, with particular emphasis on the leaf chemistry of Eucalyptus pilularis (Blackbutt).    

24 November  | Biological control of sea spurge (Euphorbia paralias) in Australia

Dr Gavin Hunter  

Gavin, research scientist at CSIRO will talk about the journey from field surveys in France to host-range testing and field release in Australia to control sea spurge, which reduces nesting spaces for shore birds and amenity to beaches.     


Resume in February 2022




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