Australian National Botanic Gardens

12.30 pm on Thursdays from 1 Feb to 29 Nov 2019 — Theatrette

Our Thursday lunchtime talks cover diverse aspects of the natural world in Australia and around the globe.

The talks are aimed at a well-informed general audience and everyone is welcome.

Please email Doug Laing with any questions about our Thursday talks.

Upcoming talks

6 June – Connecting Indigenous and scientific plant names

Dr Linda Broadhurst 

Linda from CSIRO will discuss a proposal to co-develop processes and practices with Indigenous communities that will connect Indigenous and scientific plant names to improve the conservation and management of our Australian flora.

13 June – Conservation of the pink-tailed worm-lizard (Aprasia parapulchella) at Googong

Robert Spiers 

Robert, Capital Ecology’s principal ecologist, will talk about this lizard that lives in ant galleries under small surface volcanic rocks in our region. Much of the lizard’s habitat is being destroyed or modified by agriculture and urban development, leading to its decline and its listing as ‘vulnerable’.

20 June – National and international focus on conserving camellia collections

Dr Stephen Utick 

Stephen is a recognized world expert on camellias. While not endemic to Australia, the genus Camellia is of immense horticultural and cultural significance internationally. This presentation will examine initiatives in Australia and around the world to conserve rare and endangered cultivars, with a special emphasis on the work of Camellia Ark Australia.


12.30 pm on Thursdays from 1 Feb to 29 Nov 2019




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