Australian National Botanic Gardens

Here’s what to do and expect on the day of your school visit to the Gardens.

What to tell your students

Before arriving at the Gardens, remind your group that: - the gardens are a valuable scientific collection, a home for native animals and a peaceful place for people to relax - walking slowly and talking quietly will ensure that everybody can enjoy the Gardens - plants are fragile, so always touch them gently - no-one should pick flowers, leaves, bark or seeds from plants unless asked. Students are welcome to pick up plant material lying on the ground as long as they return it to the garden when they have finished looking at it - everyone needs to stay on the paths or lawns. Walking on garden beds or climbing on rocks can damage plants.

Arriving at the Gardens

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your program start time. This gives students a chance to have a snack and a toilet break before the program starts.

Ensure you are ready to start any ranger guided activities on time as a late start will result in your program being cut short.

Drop-off point

Buses can drop students off at the bus shelter near the Visitor Centre. An Education Ranger will meet you at the bus stop if you have booked a ranger guided program.

The bus parking area is located at the lower end of the car park.

Early arrivals

Ranger guided activities will generally not start before their booked time. However, the Education Office may be able to negotiate an earlier start if Education Rangers are available.

Late arrivals

Please call 02 6250 9408 to notify the Education Office if you are running late. Ranger guided programs that start late will finish at the booked time unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Education Office.

The Gardens reserve the right to cancel a school group’s program if they are more than 30 minutes late.

Bag storage

You can store bags at either the Banks or Crosbie Morrison building. Please talk to your Education Ranger or call the Education Office on 02 6250 9408 to store your group’s bags and lunches.

The Gardens takes no responsibility for any belongings left on site.


Public toilet locations are shown on the Gardens map.