Australian National Botanic Gardens

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Growing up to a metre long, these water-loving reptiles are a greenish-grey colour with black bands running across their back, tail and legs.

The Gardens are home to both eastern and Gippsland water dragons. In spring and summer they can often be spotted between the Visitor Centre and Pollen cafe, as well as in the Rock Garden and the Tasmanian Garden near Jindii EcoSpa.

Water dragons are fast runners and strong climbers. They will quickly disappear into the bushes when scared, but if you are quiet and patient you may see them communicating to each other with little arm-waving movements.

Water dragons eat both plants and animals, especially fruits, flowers, insects, frogs, yabbies and other aquatic organisms.

If you see a water dragon, please respect their space and habitat and never try to touch or feed them.

Download our water dragon fact sheet (PDF 211 KB)