Booderee National Park

We want you to have a fantastic visit to Booderee National Park that’s memorable for all the right reasons. Here are our tips to help you stay safe, particularly near waterways!

Please read our safety information

Green Patch Beach and nearby

Green Patch Bridge at Booderee National Park

Come to Green Patch, one of Booderee’s most popular beaches.

For something different, take a short walk to some nearby beaches to see Scottish Rocks and Hole in the Wall.

Please note that none of our beaches are supervised by lifeguards - please exercise caution when recreating in the water, and ensure that children are supervised at all times.  

Green Patch

Kids play at Green Patch Beach, Booderee National Park

Always a family favourite, Green Patch is a very safe beach with excellent facilities.

A great place to spend the day, take a picnic or use one of our gas barbecues to cook your lunch.

There are some short walks that are perfect for younger visitors and the water is great for those learning to snorkel.

Around the rock platforms you’re likely to spot octopus, squid and lots of fish. See if you can spot some of our regular visitors:

  • wallabies
  • lorikeets
  • parrots
  • echidnas.

Please don’t feed our animals.

See also Green Patch camping information.

Bristol Point

Beautiful Bristol Point, Booderee National Park

Bristol Point is a small, secluded beach about 10 minutes’ walk from Green Patch Beach.

Access to the beach is best attempted when the tide is low.

Take a scenic stroll along the rocky shore and through nearby forest.


Popular Iluka Beach, Booderee National Park

Iluka is another popular beach right next door to Green Patch.

It has its own picnic area and facilities.

Scottish Rocks

Scottish Rocks beach, Booderee National Park

Scottish Rocks offers excellent snorkelling.

Just off its rock platforms you’ll discover the incredible marine life of Booderee, including:

  • colourful fish
  • sea dragons
  • sea stars
  • turtles
  • stingrays.

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall at Booderee National Park

Named for its impressive natural feature, the beach itself is crescent shaped and well-protected from southerly winds.

The beach is about 400 m from the car park. There’s also great snorkelling around this area.