Australian National Botanic Gardens

20 September to 29 October 2023, 9.30am – 4.30pm — Visitor Centre Gallery

Through contemporary woven tapestry, ten artists, explore their associations with, interests in and memories of particular plants, state and national floral symbols, markers of the seasons, night and day, geographic locations, connection to nature, renewal and growth.

They draw, collage, print, paint from observation and imagination to develop designs for weaving in tapestry. Often samples are woven to test the translation from artwork to weaving.

Selected images are woven on an upright warp with wefts of wool, cotton, silk and other materials. The final works are intense in the craft production and compelling as artworks.

Image description: “Imagine an Australian garden” by Suzanne Knight (Variable dimensions- approx. 100cm w. x 30cm h, Tapestry weaving - wool, bamboo, cotton, 2022-2023)


20 September to 29 October 2023, 9.30am – 4.30pm


Visitor Centre Gallery