Kakadu National Park

The Kakadu Access Report provides daily updates on the status of key visitor sites throughout Kakadu National Park.

Take in the big picture on the map and scroll down for more information about sites which interest you.

Please visit the NT Government Road Report for more information about the surrounding region.

To learn more about interpreting this report, take a look at the steps to opening a site below.

Latest news

  •   Access and maintenance information
  • Mardukal 1 campground  will close from Monday 14 October. Mardukal 2 campground will remain open.
  • Please be aware that Gunlom campground, day use area and plunge pool are open while the walk to the top pools remains closed.
  • Aurora Kakadu Resort, South Alligator is closed for business. Fuel is available at Corroboree Park Tavern and in Jabiru.
  • Seasonal Closure - Kurrung is an extremely hot time of the year. Heat exhaustion and dehydration can hit suddenly, and heat-related illnesses can have dire consequences in remote locations. As visitor safety is our top priority we have scheduled the following closure dates for 2019, consistent with our closure plans of previous years:

    • Jim Jim Falls - From 4:00 pm, Sunday, 3 November 2019. Unless sudden heavy rains require the site to be closed earlier.
  • Access to Waldak Irrmbal (West Alligator Head) is strictly by 4WD only. No potable water onsite, so carry plenty of drinking water. Satellite phone or personal locator beacon (PLB ), first aid kit and recovery gear are essential.
Visitor site Status Comments Progress
Main roads
Arnhem Highway Open
Kakadu Highway Open
Old Jim Jim Road Open (!) Currently 4WD access only
South Alligator region
South Alligator Boat Ramp and Picnic Area Open
Mamukala Wetlands Open
Gungarre Walk Open
Red Lily Billabong (Djunda) Open 4WD essential
Bucket Billabong (Ngarrababa) Open
Alligator Billabong (Gurdurunguranjdju) Open 4WD essential
Two Mile Hole Billabong Open 4WD recommended
Four Mile Hole Billabong Open 4WD essential
Waldak Irrmbal (West Alligator Head) Open 4WD essential
Jabiru region
Bowali Visitor Centre Open
Bowali Bike and Walking Track Open
Illigadjarr Walk Open
Malabanjbanjdju Campground (tent area) Open Camping fees apply
Malabanjbanjdju Campground (caravan area) Open Camping fees apply
Burdulba Campground Open Camping fees apply
East Alligator region
Ubirr rock art site Open
Oenpelli Road (at Magela Creek) Open
Cahills Crossing Open
Manngarre Rainforest Walk Open
Bardedjilidji Walk Open
Sandstone and River Bush Walk (Badbong Wodjmeng) Closed Site temporarily closed, more details coming soon
Merl Campground Open Camping fees apply
Nourlangie region
Nourlangie (Burrungkuy) rock art site Open
Nawurlandja Lookout Walk Open
Anbangbang Billabong Walk Open
Kubara Walk (Gubara Pools Walk) Open
Nanguluwurr Art Site Walk Open
Barrk Bush Walk Closed Extreme temperatures Forecast to open early February
Djarradjin (Muirella Park) Campground Open Camping fees apply
Sandy Billabong (Djirrilba) Campground Open Camping fees apply
Bubba Walk Open (!) Follow walking track markers
Mirray (Mirrai) Lookout Walk Open
Yellow Water region
Yellow Water (Ngurrungurrudjba) Boardwalk Open
Yellow Water (Ngurrungurrudjba) Boat Cruise Open
Yellow Water (Ngurrungurrudjba) Boat Ramp Open
Home Billabong Walk Closed
Home Billabong Boat Ramp Open
Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre Open
Mardukal (Mardugal) Campground 1 (caravans) Open Camping fees apply
Mardukal (Mardugal) Campground 2 (tents) Open Camping fees apply
Mardukal (Mardugal) Billabong Walk Open
Kungardun (Gungardun) Walk Open
Jim Jim Billabong (Djim Djim Anlabbarl) Campground Open Camping fees apply
Jim Jim and Twin Falls region
Jim Jim Falls (Barrkmalam) Open
Twin Falls Closed Road impassable
Twin Falls Boat Cruise Closed Road impassable
Karnamarr (Garnamarr) Campground Open Camping fees apply
Budjmi Lookout Walk Open
Barrkmalam (Barrk Marlam) Bush Walk Closed Forecast to open early June
Twin Falls Plateau (Escarpment) Walk Closed Road impassable
Bilkbilkmi (Graveside Gorge) Closed Forecast to open early July
Mary River region
Gunlom Open (!) Follow walking track markers
Maguk Open (!) Follow walking track markers
Yurmikmik Walks Open
Kambolgie Campground Open Camping fees apply
Bukbukluk Lookout Open
Gungurul Campground Open
Gungurul Lookout and River Walk Open
Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge) Closed Forecast to open early June
Guratba/Gimbat Day Use Area Open
Igoymarrwa (Ikoymarrawa) Rock Holes Open 4WD essential
Giyamungkurr (Black Jungle Springs) Closed

Steps to opening a site

At the end of the wet season, there are typically four steps to opening a visitor site, ranging from preliminary site assessment to crocodile trapping and surveys.

Some sites also require infrastructure installation before they can be opened to the public.

Please refer to the table below for details of the work involved at each stage.

Step Status Description Progress
Site temporarily closed Closed Site closed due to events beyond Kakadu's control. For example: flooding, bushfires, roadworks or extreme weather. 0% complete 0% complete
Preliminary site assessment Closed Inspect the site and plan upcoming works. Takes one day to complete. 5% complete 5% complete
Site maintenance works Closed Initial cleanup, road repairs, early dry season burning, feral animal and weed control. Takes one to three weeks. 30% complete 30% complete
Site cleanup Closed Cleaning and maintenance of visitor facilities, walking tracks and signage. Takes two weeks. 60% complete 60% complete
Crocodile trapping and surveys Closed Crocodile trap installation and monitoring. Takes two weeks. 75% complete 75% complete
Infrastructure installation Closed Followed by Park Manager approval and site opening. 90% complete 90% complete
Open, but beware of risks Open (!) Possible risks include: road conditions, fire management and ongoing maintenance work. 100% complete 100% complete
Site open Open Conditions are good. Any site specific advice will be noted. 100% complete 100% complete

More information

For more information about Kakadu National Park, contact the Bowali Visitor Centre on (08) 8938 1120.