Kakadu National Park

Kakadu is big! To be more specific, it’s almost 20,000 square kilometres – that’s nearly half the size of Switzerland!

Moving from one site to another takes time. To add to that, some roads are unsealed, winding 4WD tracks which add more time to journeys to must-see areas.

You will need to bring your own vehicle to get around, or join a bus or 4WD tour. There are no taxis, buses or trains out here.

Take time to get familiar with the distances between sites you plan to visit, and the road conditions. Our itineraries can help you plan your days.

It’s also a good idea to check our daily access report for the latest updates on seasonal road closures.

Tip: There are many popular attractions that can be accessed with a normal 2WD vehicle, but to explore the full range of Kakadu’s attractions you will need a 4WD.

4WD driving safety video

Driving times for some popular journeys:

  • Jabiru to Ubirr 20 mins
  • Jabiru to Cooinda 30 mins
  • Bowali to Burrungkuy (Nourlangie) 25 mins
  • Burrungkuy (Nourlangie)  to Cooinda 30 mins
  • Ubirr to Burrungkuy (Nourlangie) 1 hour
  • Bowali to Jim Jim Falls 2.2 hours
  • Cooinda to Jim Jim Falls 1.5 hours
  • Cooinda to Gunlom 2 hours
  • Maguk to Gunlom 1.5 hours
  • Mary River to Jim Jim Falls 2.5 hours

4WD sites

Some parts of Kakadu can only be accessed by 4WD. These include West Alligator Head in the north of the park and Twin Falls, Jim Jim Falls, Maguk and Jarrangbarnmi in the south.

Tip: Some car hire companies will not allow you to drive a 2WD on unsealed roads like those to Two Mile Hole, Kubara, Yurmikmik and Gunlom, so you may still need a 4WD to get to these places.

Make sure you read our driving tips and view the Kakadu access report.

Kakadu National Park map

Kakadu Map