Kakadu National Park

There are a number of different permits that may be required depending on the reason for your visit.

Bushwalking and camping

Do you want to bushwalk off-track, overnight, or camp outside designated camping areas? Do you want to visit Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge) or Bilkbilkmi (Graveside Gorge)? Contact us for a permit.

Tour operators

If you are a tour operator or tour guide you will need a permit or license to run tours in Kakadu. Contact us to conduct tours.

Media, filming and photography

Feel free to take as many happy snaps as you like, but if you’re planning to film or take photos for a commercial purpose (e.g. to sell or to promote your business) please contact us for a photography permit.

New commercial activities

This section applies to all new commercial activities that require restricted access, exclusive use or activity limits that are managed under Commercial Activity Licences (generally issued for five years) or a sublease for longer term occupation of land. Please contact us to apply for a new commercial activity.

Drone use in Kakadu

The use of remote piloted aircrafts (RPAs), including drones, within Kakadu National Park is prohibited except in accordance with a management plan or a permit issued by the park. Permits are not issued for recreational drone use, but applications for RPA use within the park will be considered for commercial or research purposes. Permits issued by the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission for other NT Parks are not valid in Kakadu.

In most instances, proposals for commercial image capture by drones will not be approved, but drone use may be considered for high-profile projects that have been approved by the Kakadu Board of Management and Kakadu’s Traditional Owners.

If you believe that your project may qualify, contact the Permits Officer.


If you are looking at holding an event within Kakadu National Park, you may require a license. Contact us to hold an event.


Are you conducting research? Contact us for a research permit.

For more information about permits in Kakadu National Park please contact:

The Permits Officer
Kakadu National Park
PO Box 71
Jabiru NT 0886

Phone: +61 (08) 8938 1140
Fax: +61 (08) 8938 1117
Email: Kakadu.Permits@dcceew.gov.au