Kakadu National Park

Kakadu’s diverse landforms are home to a huge range of animals, from large mammals to sharks and aquatic reptiles.

Our rangers do a lot of work to protect our rare and fascinating species, many of which aren’t found in any other area.

Tips for watching wildlife

Follow these handy hints to increase your chances of seeing Kakadu’s abundant wildlife (while keeping yourself safe):

  • Early morning and sunset are good times to see wildlife.
  • Use a torch to look for nocturnal animals at night. Be careful not to shine strong spotlights onto sleeping birds.
  • Look for clues showing where animals have been, especially tracks, droppings and scratchings.
  • Waterholes along creek lines attract animals. Sit quietly to avoid disturbing them.
  • Animals are often heard before they are seen. Walk quietly, listen and watch for movement.
  • Use binoculars to get a closer look.
  • Look out for animals crossing roads, including lizards and snakes.
  • Do not approach, disturb or feed wildlife.
  • Pay attention to crocodile warning signs. People have been killed and severely injured by crocs in the park.
  • Snakes, pigs and buffaloes can also be dangerous. Keep well away from them.

You can also download our PDF factsheet about Kakadu’s animals.