Kakadu National Park

There are about 10,000 crocodiles in Kakadu – and that doesn’t include hatchlings!

These fascinating creatures have been present in marine environments for millions of years.

They are fearsome hunters, able to plane along the water surface at high speed with the help of their thrashing tail. The muscular tail propels their body out of the water to lunge at prey in a surprise attack, which is usually deadly.

There are a few ways to to safely see these prehistoric predators around the park. There are safe platforms at Cahills Crossing and Yellow Water, and two cruises to choose from – the Guluyambi Cultural Cruise and Yellow Water Wetlands cruise.

The end of the dry season (August to November) is the best time to see concentrations of crocodiles. Depending on the weather and time of day they may be warming up in the sun or keeping cool in shade or the water. Before booking a cruise, ask your guide the best time of day to see crocs, as it can vary from week to week.

Download our PDF guide to Kakadu’s crocs