Kakadu National Park

Managing such a vast national park is a challenging business.

We work hard to keep Kakadu healthy – controlling weeds and feral animals, using traditional burning to guard against wildfire, and constantly seeking the best information through monitoring and research partnerships.

Lots of information about the conservation work we do is available on our corporate site.

You can help us keep Kakadu in good shape:

Prevent wildfire

Make sure your cigarette butts and matches are out and put them in rubbish bins, not on the ground. Use the fireplaces provided and, if none are provided, clearing the area around your campfire of any flammable material. Always putting your fire out before you leave.

Prevent the spread of weeds

Check your vehicles, trailers and equipment for weeds before entering the park. Keep to established roads and tracks, and don’t enter quarantine areas.

Keep Kakadu wild

Don’t feed the animals – it can harm their digestion and make them reliant on humans for food. Secure rubbish and food scraps in the nearest bin, and keep your food stores safe in your car or an esky.