Kakadu National Park

The cafe at Manbiyarra (Border Store) is closed for the forseeable future. Anbinik Restaurant which is run by the same team is open daily and serving up its much loved favourites.

Kakadu’s a great place to get off your phone and into nature, but you can still keep in touch with loved ones and essential services!

The remote location of Kakadu means there’s far less digital access than in populated areas. This can leave you feeling a little cut off - but if you plan ahead you can still have your calls and social posts covered.


There’s no mobile coverage in most of the park. There is some mobile coverage in Jabiru and Cooinda and at the Bowali Visitor Centre.

Pay phones are available in front of the BP station and the shopping plaza in Jabiru, as well as at Bowali Visitor Centre, Cooinda Lodge, South Alligator Lodge and in front of Manbiyarra (Border Store).


You’ll find wifi and internet access at most hotels, or you can use the internet at the library in Jabiru. You won’t have internet access on your mobile through most of the park.