Kakadu National Park

Kakadu’s birdlife will blow you away. From colourful finches to majestic birds of prey, Kakadu is home to a third of Australia’s bird species.

The park has been voted the number one birdwatching destination in Australia by Australian Geographic.

Every September/October we play host to Kakadu Bird Week – a celebration of birds in our World Heritage-listed park with activities, talks and specialised birding tours.


Download our Kakadu Birds app for iphone or our Kakadu Birds app for android to meet around 50 of our favourite birds. See pictures, listen to bird calls and learn where to find them.

Kakadu promotes responsible and minimal impact experiences with wildlife. Please do not use bird call playback to attract wildlife in the park.

East Alligator

See rainforest and stone country birds from May to December. Take the Mangarre Rainforest Walk to look for the beautiful rainbow pitta and the Bardedjilidji Walk to see the endemic chestnut-quilled rock pigeon.

South Alligator

You’ll love the diversity of birdlife at our wetlands and billabongs.

Marvel at the birdlife at Mamukala Wetlands from an observation platform or a walk beside the wetlands. A mural shows the changing birdlife in each season. See magpie geese in their thousands from late August to late October – a traditional bush food for Kakadu’s Aboriginal owners.

See the birdlife change as the Gungarre Walk passes through monsoon forest, woodlands and along a billabong.


Take the Illigadjarr Walk to a seasonally-open wetland with a great mix of habitats. See wetland birds and waders in the paperbark swamp and a different mix of birds in the open grassland.

Nourlangie (Burrungkuy)

At the foot of the soaring escarpment, you’ll find a mix of woodland, stone country and wetland birds.

Towards the end of the dry season birds flock to the remaining water at Anbangbang Billabong. From darters and magpie geese to large-billed pelicans, there’s a huge diversity to enjoy.

Yellow Water

Discover a riot of colourful birdlife at Yellow Water wetlands, or explore the nearby billabongs and lookouts. From a Yellow Water Cruise you’ll see dozens of different species, from the snake-necked darters drying their wings beside the water to tiny azure kingfishers hiding in the foliage (July to November).

Mary River

From common characters to rare and elusive birds, Kakadu’s south is sure to please.

At Gunlom Campground you can’t miss our raucous cockatoos and galahs, or the brightly-coloured dollar birds that swoop from their perch to catch flying insects.

The paperbark swamp leading to Maguk Falls and plunge pool is a great place to see rainbow pittas. And for a chance to see the elusive Gouldian finch and the hooded parrot, look near the salmon gums and termite mounds on the Yurmikmik Walks.