Kakadu National Park

A guide on the Guluyambi Cultural Cruise. Photo: Kakadu Cultural Tours
Guluyambi Cultural Cruise

Crocs gliding through the water, crocs sunning themselves on the bank –  you’ll see lots of crocs along the East Alligator River, from a Guluyambi boat cruise, run by Aboriginal guides.

During the tropical summer the Guluyambi Cruise operates on the Magela Creek – another safe way to see crocodiles in the wild.

You can also find a safe place to see crocs from the East Alligator (Erre) downstream boat ramp or along the Manngarre rainforest walk.


Be Crocwise: Croc spotting

  • Make sure to observe all croc safety signs. Never enter the water where crocodiles are present.

Read more to stay safe when croc spotting

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