Kakadu National Park

Brolgas are the graceful giants of the wetlands.

Kakadu is home to thousands of brolgas. Their trumpet calls are worth keeping an ear out for, and you can often see flocks flying over the floodplains.

What it looks like

A large grey crane, the brolga can be up to 1.25 m tall. It has a featherless red band behind its eye that runs to the top of the neck.

Where to see it

A great way to see brolgas up close is by taking a Yellow Water cruise late in the year as the floodplains dry out.

A drive along Kakadu’s more remote tracks to West Alligator Head often rewards you with the sight of hundreds of brolgas spread across the black soil floodplains. You might even witness the intricate dance moves this elegant crane is known for.


The brolga is famous for its energetic jumping and trumpeting dance during the mating season.


You can see beautiful stringybark paintings of brolgas in our art galleries.

Other names

  • Scientific name: Grus rubicunda