Kakadu National Park

Yurmikmik walks are a series of interconnected walking tracks that provide a wonderful wet season experience.

The individual walks are:

Boulder Creek walk

2 km return

If you don’t fancy the longer hikes, Boulder Creek is a nice little wet season walk where you may find banded fruit doves and spangled drongos.

Yurmikmik lookout walk

5 km return

A Kakadu favourite that trails through lush, shady monsoon forest.

This walk follows the Motor Car Falls track, and a slight incline takes you to a lovely view over the South Alligator catchment and the southern hills and ridges.

Motor Car Falls

7.5 km return

Another great wet season walk, this hike along an old exploration track takes you through the southern hills and ridges.

Be on the lookout for antilopine wallaroos, red-tailed black cockatoos, finches (including Gouldian finches), hooded parrots and lorikeets.

In the last 300 metres through the monsoon forest to the natural pool you may see golden orb spiders and azure kingfishers. 

Kurrundie Falls

11 km return

A further 1.2 km past the turn off to Motor Car Falls, this walk is perfect for the adventurous traveller.

An early start is definitely recommended for this one. You’ll need a permit to walk in Kurrundie Falls.

Park notes

Download our PDF guide to the Yurmikmik area

Detailed map

Map of Yurmikmik Walks


You’ll need a permit to bushwalk or camp here

You can apply for a camping permit or apply for a permit for Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge) on the DCCEEW website. Please allow seven days for processing.

For more information please contact the permits officer on +61 (08) 8938 1140 or at kakadu.permits@dcceew.gov.au

Staying safe at Kakadu

We want you to have a fantastic holiday that’s memorable for all the right reasons. Kakadu is a wild place – here are our tips to help you be Crocwise and stay safe, particularly near waterways!

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