Kakadu National Park

A very challenging walk, perfect for experienced bushwalkers to enjoy some stunning views above the Jim Jim Falls escarpment.

This marked day walk branches off the Jim Jim Falls plunge pool track. It’s a very steep, difficult walk through the rugged Stone Country typical of the Arnhem Land Plateau, and not for the inexperienced bushwalker.


Once you reach the plateau you may find barrk (black wallaroo, a macropod only found in Kakadu), chestnut-quilled rock-pigeons and sandstone shrike-thrushes. Keep an eye on the sky as you may spot a peregrine falcon or black-breasted buzzard soaring.

Access: June to October. Check seasonal access in the Kakadu road report.


Beat the heat

Heat stress and dehydration are very real dangers here. Take simple steps to keep you and your family safe. Temperatures are considered extreme once it reaches 36 degrees Celsius or above.

Walk in the cooler parts of the day (before 11.00 am)

Carry and drink at least one litre of water per person per hour

Take frequent breaks to eat healthy snacks

Carry a first aid kit on long bushwalks

See the access report for more details.

Type of walk

Return track

Walk grade


Walk distance

6 km

Time required

5 hours