Kakadu National Park

Enjoy spectacular views, experience a variety of habitats and see the Nanguluwurr art site.

Burrungkuy (Nourlangie) is a large sandstone outlier that stands above the surrounding woodland like an island. An initial steep climb takes you to the top of this rocky outcrop where you’re greeted by Kakadu’s unique plants and animals.

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Rock art

Halfway through this rugged walk you’ll find one of the park’s cultural wonders at the Nanguluwurr art site. Paintings depicting spirits, animals, ships and people from different periods are all found here.


As you leave Nanguluwurr you will pass through a transitional zone of sandstone outcrops, rock slabs, prickly spinifex and open woodland.

Bongka, the black-palmed monitor marauds the bush, and barrk, the black wallaroo calls this place home.

During the wet season you may also find alyurr the colourful Leichhardts grasshoppers sitting on their favourite food plants, the pityrodia bush.

Meanwhile the camouflaged doddorok, the chestnut-quilled rock-pigeon, may not be easy to see but you’ll certainly hear it if it takes off near you.

The final stretch along the woodland floor offers spectacular views of Burrungkuy’s western cliffs.

Access: January to October. Check seasonal access in the Kakadu road report.

Detailed map

Barrk Sandstone Walk map


Beat the heat

Heat stress and dehydration are very real dangers here. Take simple steps to keep you and your family safe. Temperatures are considered extreme once it reaches 36 degrees Celsius or above.

Carry and drink at least one litre of water per person per hour

Take frequent breaks to eat healthy snacks

Carry a first aid kit on long bushwalks

See the access report for more details.

Type of walk

Loop track

Walk grade


Walk distance

12 km

Time required

6 hours