Kakadu National Park

A popular spot with nature-lovers and bird-watchers, at Bubba wetlands you’ll see plants and animals typical of Kakadu.

Admire the stark trunks of ghost gums and slender white egrets, and enjoy the presence of Burrungkuy (Nourlangie) Rock in the distance. Explore billabongs and swamps dotted with lilies and fringed with paperbarks and freshwater mangroves.

This is a lovely walk to add to your itinerary if you have extra time in the Burrungkuy (Nourlangie) region.

Keep an eye out for buffalo and pigs.

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Bininj use the thick papery bark of the paperbark tree for a huge variety of things, from cooking and bedding to bandages, shelter and rafts.

Access: Dry season only - check the daily Kakadu road report for details. The walk starts at the Djarrandjin (Muirella Park) campground.

See it: August to November

Detailed map

Bubba wetlands walk map


Be Crocwise: Croc spotting

  • Make sure to observe all croc safety signs. Never enter the water where crocodiles are present.

Read more to stay safe when croc spotting

Type of walk

Loop track

Walk grade


Walk distance

4 km

Time required

2 hours