Kakadu National Park

Kubara pools walk is an idyllic walk through savanna woodlands, sandstone country and monsoonal rainforest.

Accessible year round, the floral display changes with the seasons. Lillies and orchids are on show during the tropical wet, and early in the dry season several eucalypt species, grevilleas and swamp bloodwoods show off in yellow, orange and crimson-red hues.

Although this walk is open most of the year, the Kubara pools walk is most popular during the wet season. Take a picnic lunch and spend the day here for an unforgettable date with Kakadu.


The many animal tracks in the sand tell about the diversity of the region. See if you can spot dingos, wallabies and lizards on your way to the main creek.

Once you’re at the pools sit quietly, away from the heat of the day, and enjoy a slice of paradise! Listen to the water cascading over boulders, watch the light on the rippling water.

You may be rewarded with a welcome from a rainbow pitta, or you may catch a glimpse of a banded fruit-dove, or an azure kingfisher diving into the water to eat small fish. Or perhaps a Mertens water monitor or two will stop by.


Staying safe at Kakadu

We want you to have a fantastic holiday that’s memorable for all the right reasons. Kakadu is a wild place – here are our tips to help you be Crocwise and stay safe, particularly near waterways!

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Type of walk

Return track

Walk grade

Easy to moderate

Walk distance

6 km

Time required

4 hours