Kakadu National Park

A lovely stroll through open woodland habitat, best done in the early morning or late afternoon to enjoy Kakadu’s birdlife.


Families of kaldurrk, the blue-winged kookaburras are noisily advertising their presence first thing in the morning and late in the day. Watch rakul, the partidge pidgeon wandering around on the woodland floor, kornobolo(agile wallabies) and dalkken(dingos) can often be observed.

For the botanically inclined you’ll see several species of eucalypts, bloodwoods, sand palms and liniment trees like turkey bush.


Be Crocwise: Croc spotting

  • Make sure to observe all croc safety signs. Never enter the water where crocodiles are present…

Read more to stay safe when croc spotting


Type of walk

Loop track

Walk grade


Walk distance

2 km

Time required

1 hour