Kakadu National Park

Nanguluwurr art site walk is a peaceful walk through woodlands, leading to a cool, quiet Aboriginal rock art site.


Many flowers of the woodlands can be seen on the walk to the gallery. In the dry season look for the pretty pink star-shaped flowers of the turkey bush - and during the wet season you may see red bush apples ripening and the Kakadu plum flowers beginning to fruit.

The quiet walk through the woodlands is brought to life with the sounds of grey-crowned babblers, butcher birds, finches and friar birds.


Nanguluwurr was a major camping site for Aboriginal people.

Here you’ll find paintings covering many different styles, including hand stencils, food sources like fish and turtle, a fantastic example of ‘contact art’, a painting of a two-masted sailing ship (lugger). Sit and ponder why there is a painting of a sailing ship some 90 kms inland and nowhere near a waterway!

Then learn about female spirit Algaihgo and why you should heed the messages from the dream time.

See the access report for more details.

Type of walk

Return track

Walk grade

Easy to moderate

Walk distance

3.4 km

Time required

2 hours