Kakadu National Park

Sunday 27 June 2021

Kakadu’s Board of Management is set to grow from 15 to 21 members following an in-depth review of park management structures, recommendations from the Northern Land Council, and consultation with Traditional Owners.

The number of Traditional Owner positions on the board will also increase from 10 to 16.

The role of the Board is to prepare management plans for the dual World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park, make decisions to implement those plans, monitor operations, and provide advice to the Minister for the Environment.

Acting Director of National Parks Jody Swirepik says she looks forward to working closely with the new Kakadu Board of Management members and those members returning for another term.

“This new Board will help capture the knowledge and wisdom held in every corner of Kakadu,” Ms Swirepik said.

“The increased representation from a range of Traditional Owner groups ensures that the views of Traditional Owners across this immense region can be heard.

“Joint management is about Bininj/Mungguy and Parks Australia working together, solving problems, sharing decision making and exchanging knowledge, skills and information.

“We look forward to the Board’s increased representation of Traditional Owners bringing a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge to the management of Kakadu National Park.”

The process to expand the Board is now underway with the Northern Land Council identifying and selecting suitable candidates to represent the views of Traditional Owners.

Once finalised the Board will consist of 21 members including the Acting Director of National Parks, the Assistant Secretary for Kakadu National Park, and representatives from conservation, tourism and the Northern Territory Government.

The new Kakadu Board of Management is expected to meet for the first time in July 2021 when a new board chairperson will be selected.