Kakadu National Park

Tuesday 19 October 2021

In line with cultural practice and the wishes of the Traditional Owners of Maguk in Kakadu National Park, the area was closed following the passing of Ngal - Bangardi Long, a senior Yurlkmanj Traditional Owner of the area.
The Director of National Parks acknowledges the passing of Ngal - Bangardi Long and wishes to advise that after a period of respectful closure, Maguk will reopen from Wednesday 20 October. 
Please note: Ngal - Bangardi Long, is Ms Long’s traditional name.
Kakadu National Park is jointly managed by the Traditional Owners of the Kakadu region and the Director of National Parks.
The Director of National Parks respects the importance of keeping cultural traditions strong, which may include restricting access to sites at the request of Traditional Owners. The support and understanding of the public is appreciated when these closures are in place.