Kakadu National Park

Solve all your problems – go fishing!

Head out to this secluded fishing spot – a small, tree-lined billabong good for trolling and casting for barramundi and saratoga. And there’s a shady camp area nearby.

It’s well-known to locals but not often visited by tourists, so you may find the place to yourself and nothing to disturb you but the sounds of the water.

Two Mile Hole is about 12 km from the Arnhem Highway by dirt road. There are two creek crossings on the way both dry out as the dry season progresses.

See it: April to November


Be Crocwise: Fishing and boating

  • Ensure you observe all safety signs, and be aware that whenever you are near water in the park, there is a risk of crocs!
  • Do not enter the water when fishing.
  • Never lean over the edge of a boat, out on a tree limb or enter the water to retrieve snagged lures.
  • When fishing from the bank fish five metres from the water’s edge.
  • Saltwater crocodiles can attack people in boats, the smaller the boat the greater the risk.
  • All non-powered vessels are prohibited in Kakadu.

Read more to stay safe when boating and fishing

Site accessibility

  • Tick icon Open today - 4WD essential
  • 4WD essential

See the access report for more details.


  • Cross icon No boat ramp

Nearest hub

Aurora South Alligator

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