Kakadu National Park

You’ll be transported back in time at the Nanguluwurr Gallery – a rock art site on the northern side of Burrungkuy (Nourlangie), tucked away at the end of a 1.7 km walk.

Here you can see powerful depictions of ancestral spirits, animals, and the fascinating early depiction of contact between Aboriginal people and Europeans in the form of a two-masted sailing ship with anchor chain.

For thousands of years this was a major camping site for Aboriginal people, as it lies on the main walking route from the Escarpment Country to the South Alligator floodplain.

The paintings cover many different styles and subjects, ranging from hand stencils many thousands of years old, to animals in x-ray style, some painted as recently as the 1960s.

Site accessibility

  • 2WD

See the access report for more details.