Kakadu National Park

Friday 23 August 2019

This dazzling waterfall spills from steep gorge walls into a pristine plunge pool.

A short monsoon rainforest walk delivers you to this stunning location where lush vegetation and beautiful wildlife is found.

Rainbow pitas, emerald doves and spangled drongos are common here while endemic Anbinik trees – the biggest trees in Stone Country – find refuge in the forest.

You emerge near the end of the trail into a bouldered river section.

From here you can continue on the marked trail across the river to the main plunge pool set in an immense stone amphitheatre.

Or you can choose not to cross the river and remain on the left bank – or return here later – to climb above the falls where there’s a series of smaller plunge pools with amazing views.

Reach it via the Maguk Walk, an hour’s drive south of Cooinda.


Be Crocwise: Swimming

  • Ensure you observe all safety signs, and be aware that whenever you are near water in the park, there is a risk of crocs!
  • Kakadu has Crocodile Management Zones to minimise risk to humans. Even in these zones you should be cautious.
  • Crocodile warning signs and Crocodile Management Zones are not found everywhere.

Read more to stay safe when swimming

Site accessibility

  • 4WD essential


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