Australian Marine Parks

Parks Australia is implementing seven programs to manage marine parks. Each management program includes national actions and regional actions.

The seven management programs are:

  • Communication, education and awareness program
    Actions that improve awareness, understanding and support for marine parks and park management.
  • Tourism and visitor experience program
    Actions that provide for and promote a range of environmentally appropriate, high-quality recreation and tourism experiences and contribute to Australia’s visitor economy.
  • Indigenous engagement program
    Actions that recognise and respect the ongoing cultural responsibilities of Indigenous people to care for sea country and support multiple benefits for traditional owners.
  • Marine science program
    Actions to provide necessary scientific knowledge and understanding of marine park values, pressures, and adequacy of responses for effective management.
  • Assessments and authorisations program
    Actions that provide for efficient, effective, transparent and accountable assessment, authorisation and monitoring processes to support sustainable use and protection of marine park values.
  • Park protection and management program
    Timely and appropriate preventative and restorative actions to protect natural, cultural and heritage values from impacts.
  • Compliance program
    Actions that ensure appropriate and high levels of compliance by marine parks users with the rules set out in this plan.