Australian Marine Parks

We manage Australian Marine Parks in partnership with traditional owners, marine park users and stakeholders, as well as with other government agencies.

Partnerships with government agencies

Parks Australia is building on existing partnerships, including with:

  • the Australian Fisheries Management Authority
  • the Australian Maritime Safety Authority
  • the Department of Defence
  • Geosciences Australia
  • the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  • Australian Border Force
  • the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority.

We also work with research institutions and fisheries and marine park agencies, ensuring we consistently manage marine parks around Australia.

Advisory committees

Parks Australia is establishing six advisory committees for marine parks in the North, North-west, South-west, South-east, Temperate East and for the Coral Sea Marine Park.

The Director of National Parks will work closely with the advisory committees and stakeholders to develop and implement management programs and actions for each Network.

The role of the advisory committees will be to support and collaborate with the Director to manage marine parks by:

  • helping to develop and deliver implementation plans, including assisting to prioritise management actions and develop performance measures
  • providing information about stakeholder and park user views, knowledge and needs
  • contributing to the periodic evaluation and review of implementation plans.

Partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

We acknowledge the national and international rights and cultural interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the deep understanding and experience that they can contribute to the management of Australian Marine Parks.

We also acknowledge that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been sustainably using and managing their sea country, including areas now in marine parks, since time immemorial.

We are committed to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to manage sea country within marine parks and will achieve this through the Indigenous engagement program.

This includes building partnerships with traditional owners and Indigenous people with responsibilities for sea country.

To inform our approach to managing marine parks, we have worked with representatives from land councils, native title representative bodies and Indigenous ranger groups to develop a set of collaborative management principles to support Indigenous involvement in the management of Australian Marine Parks.

Ways of working

In managing Australian Marine Parks, we will seek to be:

  • respectful
  • collaborative
  • balanced
  • outcomes based
  • adaptive
  • evidence and risk based
  • proactive
  • efficient
  • effective.