Australian Marine Parks

Our marine parks face pressures and threats from a number of sources. Under the Park protection and management program, we are implementing management actions to protect their natural, cultural and heritage values.

What is the program seeking to achieve?

This program seeks to ensure timely management actions to protect the natural, cultural and heritage values of the marine parks.

What actions will be undertaken nationally?

Actions at the national level include:

  • a risk-based assessment process to prioritise park protection and management actions
  • developing an Australian Marine Parks critical incident strategy to respond to critical incidents in collaboration with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and other responsible agencies
  • developing a mooring and anchoring strategy to protect marine park values and improve visitor experience
  • supporting the removal of marine debris and ghost nets from marine parks through partnerships with Commonwealth, state and territory government agencies and other organisations involved in the management of marine debris
  • contributing to actions, where appropriate, that support Australia’s obligations under international agreements and national environmental law. This includes:
    • the World Heritage Convention
    • Ramsar Convention
    • recovery plans
    • wildlife conservation plans
    • threat abatement plans.

What actions will be undertaken regionally?

Actions under this program at the regional level include:

  • building infrastructure such as moorings to protect habitats and enhance visitor safety
  • collaborating with and supporting other agencies that undertake invasive and protected species management and marine debris removal. For example:
    • biosecurity assessments
    • research
    • removing ghost nets
  • working with other Australian and state government agencies to respond to environmental incidents and accidents
  • collaborating with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ranger groups to undertake management actions.

How will the program be implemented?

Parks Australia is managing the program across Australian Marine Parks to ensure we achieve outcomes and benefits for all Australians.

In each network and the Coral Sea, the advisory committee or forum is providing advice to Parks Australia on which actions are most important, how they should be implemented, and where they should be undertaken.