Australian Marine Parks

Some Australian Marine Parks provide outstanding experiences for visitors, including charter fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling and nature watching. The tourism and visitor engagement program supports and promotes marine parks as amazing destinations for visitors.

What is the program seeking to achieve?

This program seeks to provide for and promote a range of environmentally appropriate, high-quality recreation and tourism experiences in marine parks and contribute to Australia’s visitor economy.

What actions will be undertaken nationally?

Actions under this program at the national level include:

  • developing a sustainable tourism and visitor experience strategy for Australian Marine Parks
  • working with national, state and local tourism authorities and operators to maximise the value of sustainable ecotourism opportunities associated with marine parks
  • developing a commercial tourism authorisation system to encourage best-practice and eco-accredited businesses operating in Australian Marine Parks
  • working with Tourism Australia, state and regional tourism and fisheries management authorities and the fishing industry to market and promote Australian Marine Parks, including opportunities to promote locally and sustainably caught seafood
  • monitoring visitor trends and levels of satisfaction with marine park experiences and products
  • promoting culturally sensitive tourism by encouraging tourism operators to liaise with Traditional Owners
  • working with tourism operators and Indigenous people to recognise and promote cultural values and cultural tourism opportunities.

What actions will be undertaken regionally?

Actions under this program at the regional level include:

  • promoting visitor experiences that foster curiosity and appreciation of natural and cultural values in the Network, for example:
    • charter tours to Abrolhos, Geographe, Bremer and Eastern Recherche marine parks
    • whale shark watching at Ningaloo Marine Park
    • diving at Mermaid Reef Marine Park and Osprey Reef
    • bird watching at Ashmore Reef Marine Park
    • nature watching, diving or snorkelling at the Solitary Islands, Cod Grounds and Lord Howe marine parks
    • charter fishing, nature watching, coral viewing or snorkelling at Norfolk Island
  • working with other Australian and state government agencies, regional and local bodies, and the tourism industry to support nature watching, fishing and food tourism initiatives, events and attractions that promote visitor experiences in marine parks
  • facilitating partnerships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and tourism operators.

How will the program be implemented?

Parks Australia is managing the program across Australian Marine Parks to ensure we achieve outcomes and benefits for all Australians.

In each network and the Coral Sea, the advisory committee or other forum is providing advice to Parks Australia on which actions are most important, how they should be implemented, and where they should be undertaken.