Australian Marine Parks

Use the links below to explore and download the available maps and spatial data for Australian Marine Parks.

Spatial data

  • Australian Marine Parks zoning data – MIF, GDB and KML files to use on vessel hardware.

  • Australian Marine Park zoning data is also available via a web service (WMS). To access the web services you will need access to software which can communicate with the web services, such as an online web portal or a GIS application.

If you have any difficulties with these electronic files or require a different file format, please contact


Recreational fishing apps

Information about where you can recreationally fish in Australian Marine Parks is available on these mobile phone apps:

Parks Australia is working with other partners to increase the number of mobile phone applications that contain information to help recreational fishers understand where they can fish.

For further information about the zones and rules in each marine park, check the factsheets on each network.