Australian Marine Parks

On 18 April 2024, the Director of National Parks announced the mandatory requirement for VMS when operating in or transiting through an Australian Marine Park. More information can be found at Mandatory Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) for commercial fishers in Australian Marine Parks.

A $35 million package to assist industries and communities transition to the new Australian Marine Park management arrangements.

The Electronic and Vessel Monitoring Systems Assistance Program is the last component of the Fisheries Assistance and User Engagement Package providing funding to support the commercial fishing industry’s uptake of electronic and vessel monitoring systems.

Electronic and Vessel Monitoring Assistance Program

  • The Electronic and Vessel Monitoring Systems Assistance Program is providing assistance to the commercial fishing industry, through their fisheries management agencies, to support the uptake of electronic and vessel monitoring technology.  
  • Enhancing the use of remote electronic and vessel monitoring systems on commercial fishing vessels transiting or operating in Australian Marine Parks will increase levels of voluntary compliance, which is cost effective in preventing inadvertent breaches, supporting sustainable fishing practices and protection and conservation of marine park values.  
  • The Assistance Program is being administered through the Community Grants Hub. Successful state and Northern Territory fisheries management agencies have begun their projects. More information about the grant projects can be found at Electronic and Vessel Monitoring Systems Assistance Program.

Fishing Business Assistance

The Fishing Business Assistance Program is now closed.

  • Fishing Business Assistance was paid in 2019 and provided direct assistance to affected commercial fishers with a recent history of fishing in Australian Marine Parks as they transitioned their businesses to the new operating environment.
  • In August 2018, the Director of National Parks released a Position Paper that set out information on the proposed Fishing Business Assistance program.
  • Following consultation with peak commercial fishing industry bodies, the Director of National Parks amended the program to more effectively meet industry needs. These changes, and responses to issues raised by industry, were set out in the Fishing Business Assistance Grants – Consultation Report.
  • The Fishing Business Assistance grants program was open from 20 March to 7 May 2019. Eligibility for the program was determined in accordance with the Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

Our Marine Park Grants

The Our Marine Parks Grants Program supports organisations to engage in the management of Australian Marine Parks.